Sustainable fishing

Sustainably harvested and bred seafood of exceptional quality is a source of pride for all Norwegians. Consumers around the world can enjoy Norwegian seafood, in the knowledge that it is harvested and bred in full compliance with sustainable principles. The people of Norway have a strong connection with their environment, and are keen to preserve the cold, clear waters which have always provided the way of life.
Norway recently announced that its 2013 Barents Sea North East Arctic cod quota is a historic 1,000,000 tonnes; this significant quota increase demonstrates Norway’s success in its commitment to managing its fisheries in harmony with nature.
It also has the highest proportion of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries in the world, and 100% of Norway’s North East Arctic cod and haddock is MSC certified, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable fishing. This pro-active approach to sustainable fisheries management means that Norway now has by far the largest cod stock in the world, and consumers around the world can enjoy a wide range of sustainable Norwegian seafood, including cod, haddock, prawns and other seafood with a clear conscience, and for generations to come.